Starting a Blog

I am currently at a point in my life where I want to further my knowledge as well as share what I already know. With this blog I plan to share things I know from years of experience and also things that I discover as I learn more.

Working with to improve SEO using Microdata

Most web developers know how to do basic SEO and build properly formatted code, but few utilize itemscope to tell the search engines what the data is talking about. Using itemscope allows the developer to tell the search engine whether they are talking about Ice Cubes for your drink or Ice Cube the actor. How … Continue reading Working with to improve SEO using Microdata

Working with Flexbox CSS

When it comes to building websites today, you can't turn around without finding some sort of pre-build responsive library/framework. Almost all of these are build off of some combination of the following: CSS reset, percentage margins/paddings/widths, and media queries (to determine browser size and give break points).